The Bootcamp Guy Rates

Boot Camp/Group Exercise

Drop-In Class $12.50/class
$50 for 4 Classes (30 day subscription)
$75 for 8 Classes (30 day subscription)
$90 for 12 Classes (30 day subscription)
$110 for 16 Classes (30 day subscription)
$125 for Unlimited Classes (30 day subscription)

*** For your convenience, affective January 1st 2015, all payments made online for group classes are subscription payments and will be withdrawn on the same day of every month until you cancel it. Subscription cancellations must be made before the next scheduled payment and there are no refunds for classes purchased and not used.

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training = $500

*If you don’t have friends or family members to form your own group, you can be added to an already existing group that might have similar times available on their schedules.

Personal Training

4 – 30min Personal Training Sessions = $175
8 – 30min Personal Training Sessions = $250
4 Personal Training Sessions = $300
8 Personal Training Sessions = $560
12 Personal Training Sessions = $780

*** Please note that all subscriptions are recurring and must be canceled via your PayPal account.
All payments for group classes and Personal Training are final and non-refundable.

Child Care