I was first introduced to Chris back in 2008/2009 when he was located inside the church in the Beverly area. I went for a while and then fell off because I wasn’t motivated.

Being the personable and dedicated person that Chris is, he continued to reach out to me to come back. In 2011, I checked out some before and after pictures of people that were in class with me previously and they looked amazing!!! I kept thinking…. “That could’ve been me”!

I started coming back on a regular basis Feb 2011 and by the summer I went from wearing a 16/18 down to a 14 and now I am a 12!!!! I lost inches, gained muscle and lot of energy! I was so proud of myself. Everywhere I go, people that have known me are always giving me compliments about my change!

Chris is the best non-traditional workout I’ve ever experienced. He makes working out fun, interesting, and unpredictable! You never get the same thing twice.