The Boot Camp Guy has transformed my life. At first, I just worked out and continued eating what I wanted with little discretion and I started seeing results. I figured if I changed my diet, I’ll see even greater results and indeed I did. But what was surprising was that others saw the transformation as well. I feel Great about myself, my accomplishments, but especially about the Boot Camp Guy. I love the various classes and the range of times I can select from for my workouts. I like being able to talk to Chris about certain areas I want to work on and his guided instructions. He pushes you to do your personal best each season and it’s done with care for the human spirit. I have more energy and more confidence in my ability to give it my all. I’m starting to shed the big clothes and now I’m actually wearing clothes that accentuate me. His team of instructors are phenomenal! They show that they care while they still take you to the next level.  This has been a True Workout Experience!!! Thank you Chris, The Boot Camp Guy!!!